“This is the first time I went deeper in therapy. The somatic experiencing, EMDR and inner child work healed wounds I had carried for decades. I flew from Sydney to see Gillian O’Shea Brown for a compressed therapy experience over two weeks. She turned my life around. This experience was more beneficial and life changing than the past decade of therapy combined”.

Finance Entrepreneur , Male, 36 -year-old

“With each session, I could feel Gillian O’Shea Brown helping me change my inner dialogue, guiding me to be more gentle with myself and steering me toward steps to fulfill my goals. She never rushed our time together, was fully present during the sessions and came prepared with suggestions to maximize my growth from relevant theories, articles and books. She deployed a rolling mix of techniques drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and breathwork and trauma-informed psychotherapy. I attribute much of my recent personal growth and my changed inner voice during the nearly two years I spent in her practice to her careful, gentle and expert direction”.     

   – A 39-year-old adoptive mother and media professional

“I looked forward to every session I had with Gillian O’Shea Brown. She is present, remembers even the most minor details and is always warm and gentle. Since I enjoyed seeing her so much, I was able to explore parts of myself I had been avoidant of. Eventually the shame was lifted with her gentle guidance. Therapy with her really changed my life in such a positive way. She saved our marriage”.

-A 31-year-old Medical Doctor & mother of one

“Never before has a therapist shown me as much compassion as you did. Yours was the first office that I felt truly safe in. Your counsel helped me grow as a person and learn more about myself. You really made a difference in my life”.

-A 26-year-old professional male

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