O’Shea Brown, G. (in press). Healing Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Clinician’s Guide, New York, Springer

O’Shea Brown, G. (2020) The Impact of Anomie and Societal Splitting on the Self: Suicide amongst Members of the Travelling Community of Ireland, International Journal of Psychohistory, New York

O’Shea, G. (2012). ‘An Exploration of the views of Young Adults aged 18+ on the YMCA Ground Floor Open Youth Space’, School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork

O’Shea, G. (2011). ‘Suicide amongst Members of the Traveller Community’, UCC Journal of Critical Social Thinking: Policy & Practice, Vol.3 pp 55-69

Professional/Academic Presentations

Selected Presentations

International Psychohistory Association: NYU Annual Conference, May 2019 – “A Critical Analysis of how Anomie Impacts the Development of the Self”

YMCA Ireland Spring Forum, April 2013 – “An Overview of how ‘Ground Floor’ Youth Initiative Impacts Service Users

University College Cork – Annual MSW Conference, May 2012 – “Suicide Amongst Members of the Traveller Community of Ireland”

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