Peer Reviewed Publications

O’Shea Brown, G. (in press) The Impact of Anomie and Societal Splitting on the Self: Suicide amongst Members of the Travelling Community of Ireland, Journal of Psychohistory, New York, NY

O’Shea, G. (2012) ‘An Exploration of the views of Young Adults aged 18+ on the YMCA Ground Floor Open Youth Space’ [online], School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork

O’Shea, G. (2011) ‘Suicide amongst Members of the Traveller Community’ [online] UCC Journal of Critical Social Thinking: Policy & Practice, Vol.3 pp 55-69

Professional/Academic Presentations

International Psychohistory Association: NYU Annual Conference, May 2019 – “A Critical Analysis of how Anomie Impacts the Development of the Self”

YMCA Ireland Spring Forum, April 2013 – “An Overview of how ‘Ground Floor’ Youth Initiative Impacts Service Users

University College Cork – Annual MSW Conference, May 2012 – “Suicide Amongst Members of the Traveller Community of Ireland”

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